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A space dedicated to the world of permaculture, food growing, gardening, food forest & landscaping, and the portfolio of Living Escapes and how we live. 

Steve Roigard- Director & Founder

Steve Roigard- Director & Founder

Landscape Gardener| Steve Roigard

Living Escapes was created in 2001 by keen landscape gardener Steve Roigard.  Roigard's work sources much of it's inspiration from Permaculture design and his background in landscaping, which both feature prominently in his design process. There is also much emphasis on craftsmanship that is apparent in all of Living Escapes' creations. Steve lives and works on Waiheke Island. His services include planting edible gardens, food forests, working within the principles of permaculture. landscaping, design and providing on going maintenance service.  

'I’ve been a Landscape Gardener since 2001, and over the past 6 years I have  focused more on creating edible food gardens, which includes planting and maintaining orchards.  The gardens we work to create  do not require as many artificial chemicals, therefore attracting beneficial insects, bees and birds, and fall within Permaculture design principals.  I’ve always felt a great respect and appreciation for nature, our relationship within it, and sharing this with others. As the world around us changes, it  becomes more apparent to inspire, create and build truly sustainable garden systems'.  

'My partner and I  live in a mudbrick cottage, made from adobe earth bricks, on Waiheke Island.  This gulf Island is located 35kms from Auckland, the main city in New Zealand.  Our property is 1300m2 in size and is constantly being planted with food [using many of the principles of building a Food Forest]. Our  vision is to be as self sufficient as possible,  driven by the appreciation of nurturing a relationship with our garden and creating abundance to share, rather than through fear of scarcity'.

'My intention is to communicate what I see as practical, simple and intelligent solutions to enhancing our relationship with our environment. I believe in being the change, and to live into this principle as much as we can.  So far with our own property we have been experimenting with Earth Bag Building, plant guilds, chicken tractors, bee keeping, layering food plants, vertical gardens, bin gardens, earth pizza ovens, paper clay seating, support ground covers and much more'.

'I hope you enjoy the information shared, and please feel welcome to get in touch if you'd like to talk more about how we can assist you with your own garden'.

Happy gardening,


“Observe Nature thourghly rather than labour thoughtlessly”
— Masanoby Fukuoka ‘One Straw Revolution’