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A space dedicated to the world of permaculture, food growing, gardening, food forest & landscaping, and the portfolio of Living Escapes and how we live. 

Orchard Example A

Location: Waiheke Island
Planted: November 2010

  • A mixture of of 80 fruit, nut and citrus trees were planted into a heavily grazed sheep paddock.
  • Ground support cover plants are seeded to fix nitrogen, attract beeze, and create habitat for beneficial insects.
  • Vetiver grasses have been planted on contour in between the trees to create a living swale which also helps to slow the water runoff and provide a chop and drop mulch crop.

Orchard Example B

Location: Waiheke Island
Planted: Spring 2012

Orchard Example C

Location: Waiheke Island 2012

Orchard Example D

Waiheke Island 2012